Dance & Musical Theatre Classes In Plymouth

We offer outstanding classes tailored to each age group to allow children to thrive. Our superb faculty inspire our student through their passion. We are proud to offer a wide range of classes to students of all ages.

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An Overview of the Classes We Have On Offer:

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Classical Ballet

We follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabus from Pre-Primary to Advanced.

Ballet is the core dance subject to develop technique, posture, poise, grace, and alignment. In a nurturing environment, it encourages self-expression whilst developing, artistry, and musical appreciation. Older students have the opportunity to study Vocational Ballet Grades developing musicality and technique further with the introduction of Pointe Work. Studying the most prestigious RAD ballet board, our dancers are in the safest of hands.

We offer Baby Ballet, Preschool Ballet, Graded Ballet, Vocational Ballet, Non-Syllabus Ballet, Preparation For Pointe, Pointe Work, and Floor Barre.

modern 5 - 7


We follow the Imperial Society of Dance (ISTD) syllabus from Grade 1 to Advanced.

Modern Theatre dance originated in America before traveling to the rest of the world. It is often seen in theatres and musical productions worldwide. It is known for its theatrical qualities. The style develops secure technique, increased core stability, strong alignment, strength, flexibility, musicality, and performance. We include styles of lyrical, jazz, and many more in these classes.

We offer Mini Groovers, Graded, and Vocational Modern.

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We follow the Imperial Society of Dance (ISTD) syllabus from Primary to Advanced.

Tap dance is characterised by using the sounds from tap shoes striking the floor and beating rhythm as a form of percussion. Tap develops rhythm, time, coordination, performance and musicality. Tap is a theatrical art form often seen on stage in musical productions.

We offer Mini Groovers, Graded, and Vocational Tap.


Contemporary & Lyrical

Contemporary dance combines techniques from classical, modern, and jazz styles.

Focusing on breath and release, control, line and floor work, the style develops quality and artistry. Combining lyrical, the class has a wonderful way of allowing us to perform with feeling, emotion, and expression.

We offer Junior, Inter, and Senior Contemporary.

Musical Youth


We follow the LCM singing syllabus and also hold free vocal lessons.
Singing develops vocal technique, musical awareness, pitch, tone, and stamina to provide, structure and confidence whilst singing on your own or in a group. Classes will develop acting through a song which is a vital skill when performing singing.

We offer Primary, Junior, Inter, and Senior Singing.


Jazz Dance

We follow the ISTD Jazz Medal Awards and non-syllabus classes.

Jazz is a style seen worldwide. Technical Jazz improves technique, strength, flexibility, alignment, traveling steps, kicks, turns, and leaps. Performance Jazz encouragesmusicality, dynamics, and performance. Jazz dance can incorporate many different styles; musical theatre jazz, lyrical, and fusion. All classes include a range of stylised music
including popular chart music which our students love.

We offer Primary Jazz, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Jazz Medals, Advance Jazz, Leaps Turn and Kicks, and Body Conditioning.

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We follow the LAMDA syllabus and hold free drama lessons.

Drama provides students with a variety of skills to help in countless areas of their lives. Acting develops confidence, the ability of public speaking, conversation, and teamwork. We develop acting technique, sight-reading, improvisation, and audition technique. Working individually on monologues or as part of a team in a play. The skills learned will benefit students in Theatre and Film, but also in everyday life.


We offer Primary, Junior, Inter, and Senior Drama.

inter 11 - 13 commercial


Commercial is a style that has evolved most recently. This style is often seen in music videos, at concerts and on T.V. This is style is really fun to learn, upbeat and current. Developing musicality, rhythm, and performance whilst incorporating Street Dance, Hip Hop, and Jazz.

We offer Junior, Inter, and Senior Commercial.

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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines singing, acting, and dance. This style is seen in West End Productions and on Broadway. Looking at different musicals the style is very varied which allows students to develop in versatility, musical awareness, and performance. In class, we learn songs, and repertoire whilst developing the three main focus groups.

We offer Mini Musicals, Primary, Junior, Inter, and Senior Musical Theatre and Junior, Inter, and Senior Musical Theatre Youth.


Acro Dance

We study the Acrobatics Arts syllabus and are a certified school.

Acro dance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance combined with the athleticism of acrobatics. It combines training for strength, flexibility, limbering, tumbling, and balance individually and in a team. Acro dance is designed for a hard floor and not sprung like gymnastics. Combining skills learned it allows us to develop expression, musicality, control, and line.

We offer Junior, Inter, and Senior Acro.

View the classes we have on offer for your child’s age group

We look forward to welcoming you into the SJ Performing Arts Plymouth family and watching you grow.

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