Inters 11-13

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Ballet Graded RAD


We continue to follow the most prestigious ballet board R.A.D. Our graded classes 3/4 – 6 are a wonderful follow on for our Inter students as we cement the foundations nurtured in previous grades. Or a wonderful start for new dancers wishing to study ballet. All classes are highly engaging as we continue to work towards a sound ballet technique in areas such as alignment, core stability, weight placement, turn out, and line. Whilst continuing to foster the student’s awareness of artistry, musicality, and dynamics. Exams are available at these levels but are optional.

  • Grade 4: Tuesdays 6:55 – 7:40 pm St Edwards Church Hall £6.50
  • Grade 5 Ballet 7:45 – 8:30 pm St Edwards Church Hall £6.50
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Vocational Ballet RAD



We now introduce our first RAD Vocational Ballet class. Lessons are designed to help students to the next level and are a wonderful follow on from our Graded classes. We shall invite students to this class if we can see the skill and commitment needed, to progress in this grade. The syllabi will challenge and inspire students; technically, artistically, musically, and creatively. Exercises encourage; critical thinking and physical fitness while developing a sense of theatre, quality, and musical interpretation. We take our first look at Pointe Work, some dancers may not move straight onto Pointe, but are all on their way when taking this enjoyable lesson. Exams are available at this level.



Students who are studying the Inter Foundation Syllabus must attend our Preparation for Pointe Class and Pointe Class This class is for strengthening the muscles in the feet and legs, along with posture and poise needed when dancing En Pointe. This class is an exciting stepping stone to those progressing to the world of Pointe. We have a Pointe Policy in place and we will only place you En Pointe when we feel it is safe to do so.

  • Inter Foundation: Wednesdays 5 pm Stoke Damerel Community College £7.50
  • Preparation For Pointe: Fridays 5:05 – 5:50 pm St Edwards Church Hall £6.50
  • Pointe Inter F and Inter: Fridays 5:55 – 6:25pm St Edwards Church Hall £5

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Non Syllabus Ballet


We also offer an exciting non-syllabus ballet class for students in Grade 4, 5, 6, and in Inter Foundation. They focus on techniques learned within their ballet lessons, whilst having a sense of freedom with unset exercises. Artistry, musicality, and performance are highlighted in our Inter non-syllabus ballet class. This is a must for anyone studying our middle grades and a truly inspiring class.

  • Saturday 11:45 – 12:30 pm Stoke Damerel Community College £6.50
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Floor Barre & Progressing Ballet Technique


Our wonderful class is designed to help dancers focus on the core techniques needed within their dance training. Performing exercises to help discover turns out, alignment, and strength. A wonderful start to our Saturday classes, to warm up our Senior students for their day ahead.

  • Saturday 8:55 – 9:25 am Stoke Damerel Community College £5



This is a wonderful class to help our dancer’s strength, flexibility, and alignment. One of the most important elements used in this class is muscle memory which helps dancers connect with their core stability. This class will be such an asset to all of our inter dancers with so many benefits to help them in all genres.

  • Junior/Inter: Friday 4:15 – 5pm St Edwards Church Hall £6.50

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GRADE 4 & 5

Our engaging Tap classes continue to follow the ISTD syllabus. Now having learned the foundations of tap we continue to develop a more advanced tap technique along with working on; a good tap posture, clarity, precision of footwork, and tone. We also continue to develop more complex rhythms and sequences to help develop coordination, arhythmicality, and performance. Exams are available at these levels but are optional.

  • Grade 4: Saturday 12:25 – 12:55 pm Stoke Damerel Community College £5
  • Grade 5: Saturday 10:15 – 10:55 pm Stoke Damerel Community College £6.50



Our super Modern classes continue to follow the ISTD syllabus. We have now established the foundations and are placing techniques into practice. Our lessons develop; a secure technique, increased core stability, weight balance, and sufficient lines; whilst continuing to nurture musicality, rhythm, and performance. These classes are highly engaging, stimulating, and expressive. Exams are available at these levels but are optional.

  • Grade 4: Monday 8:20 – 9:05 pm Sir John Hunt £6.50
  • Grade 5: Saturday 1:25 –  2 pm Stoke Damerel Community College  £5
inter contemporary



Our contemporary classes are a real highlight. Combining technique learned in ballet and modern whilst introducing new techniques in our Inter class. Developing strength, release, and breath with floor work included in our encouraging class. The tempo of the music is slower than in a jazz class, allowing our Inters to continue to develop their style, quality, and musicality in dance. With the combination of lyrical added students thrive on developing expression and performance throughout exercises and routines.

  • Monday 6:25 -7:10 pm Sir John Hunt £6.50



Our jazz classes are high energy, exciting, and super fun! We continue to follow the ISTD jazz board with levels Silver and Gold whilst combining free work within the lesson. Continuing to develop strength, flexibility, jazz technique, corner, and routine-based work in. All exercises are to current music which the students love! This class works very well with Modern and we recommend you study both.



We have a class dedicated to Kicks, Turns, and Leaps. This allows us to focus on our student’s techniques whilst learning new movements under these categories. This exciting class will push our dancers to be the best they can be. Students must be taking Silver, Gold, or Advance Jazz to join this class. Our exciting Body Conditioning class focuses on developing students, strength, flexibility, and core stability. We focus on key areas of the body and provide our students with exercises they can continue to work on at home. We also include anatomy in this lesson, so students understand their body allowing them to work more efficiently and safely. This class really will help our students in every way. A great class to keep fit in a hugely supportive environment. The class runs one week leaps, turns, and kicks and the next body conditioning. 

  • Silver Jazz Saturdays 11 – 11:45 am Stoke Damerel £6.50
  • Inter Kicks, Turns & Leaps/Body Conditioning Saturdays 12:55 – 1:25pm £5
inter 11 - 13 commercial



Our Commercial classes are fun, current, and super exciting. This is the style you see on music videos, TV shows, and at Concerts. The class incorporates many styles including Street, Hip Hop, Jazz, and many more. At Inter level we are now developing onto more complex routines with attention to detail. This is class is not to be missed!!! We recommended you take Jazz classes alongside commercial.

  • Mondays 7:15 – 8 pm Sir John Hunt £6.50
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Musical Theatre


This class offers something exciting for everyone! Our seniors will continue to develop a greater depth of knowledge through singing, acting, and dance. Our classes are a fabulous way for students to understand how to develop professional musical theatre skills for both class time and onstage. Developing performance, technique, skill, and stylised works. This is a truly fabulous class for any senior boy or girl who loves to perform for enjoyment or, for those wanting to progress professionally. 

  • Mondays 5:50 – 6:35 pm Sir John Hunt £6.50



Our Inter Musical Theatre youth classes are a great way to fully enjoy performing, whether it be acting, singing, dancing, or all three. Covering all genres, we will continue to bring out the best in every student, recognising their potential. A fabulous class to integrate with other students their age forming friendships and bonds. This class will work towards a full-scale Musical performance every year.

Required to take 3 or 2 classes:

  • Mondays 8:10 – 9:05 pm Sir John Hunt
  • Thursdays 7:40 – 8:25 pm Sir John Hunt
  • Saturdays 12:55 – 1:25 / 1:30 – 2 pm Stoke Damerel School
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Our wonderful Inter singing class is for anyone who has a love for singing. Our Inters focus on developing their voice through exercises, breath control, and acting through a song. Through support and encouragement, we will help each student’s confidence grow. Our class is a great follow on from or an exciting class for new starters. We provide singing exams for our students at this age but this is optional.

  • Saturdays 10:10 – 10:55 Stoke Damerel £6.50
Acrobatics Classes in Plymouth


Inter Acrobatics.

A remarkable class to develop strength, stamina and flexibility. This class will allow your child to excel whilst learning the latest acrobatic tricks safely.

  • Wednesday 6:10 – 7:10 pm Stoke Damerel £7.50
  • Wednesdays 7:15 – 8:15 pm Stoke Damerel £7.50
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Our fantastic inter drama classes are an excellent way for our students to be encouraged to excel in acting. Developing confidence to help them in everyday life. Students will work on diction, script work, and improvisation, whilst continuing to bring out the best in every student. We provide LAMDA exams for students at this level.

  • Saturdays 5:10 – 5:55 pm £6.50

View the classes we have on offer for your child’s age group.

We look forward to welcoming you into the SJ Performing Arts Plymouth family and watching you grow.

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