SJ Performing Arts Plymouth
Terms and Conditions

• Fees are to be paid every half term. We have 6 half terms throughout the year.
• All fees are to be paid before the term commences.
• Late payments will occur a 10% charge.
• Methods of payment accepted are BAC and cheque.
• Cheques should be made payable to: SJ Performing Arts Plymouth
• If a student misses a class, no refund will be given.
• If a student can not attend a class, payments can not be transferred to over to the next term.
• If there is an outstanding balance on an account a student will not be able to enrol in a new class until the account is settled.
• Fee’s are paid on a termly basis and can not be altered on a weekly basis.
• Throughout the year there may be additional costs on top of your class fees. This could include fees for exams, festivals, production costs, activities, and events. You will be invoiced at the time of each applicable event.

• Uniform must be worn at all times when at SJ Performing Arts Plymouth as it promotes self-discipline.
• Correct shoes for each genre must be worn in every class.
• All uniform must be clearly named, including shoes.
• Hair must be tied up off of the face at all times.
• Hair must always be worn in a bun for ballet classes from Grade One upwards.
• No jewellery of any kind including watches is to be worn into class.
• Please visit our uniform page to order.
• New students must have the correct uniform after their first half term.

• Students will be placed in a class suitable for their age and ability.
• Students may be moved to another class if we feel they would be better suited.
• Mobile phones must be switched off or on silent in all classes. You may only go to your phone if a teacher instructs you to do so.
• You must arrive at least 5 minutes before your class time so the lesson can start promptly. Lateness will not be tolerated.
• Changes to our timetable throughout the year may occur, you will be informed in advance.
• There could be a change in teaching staff throughout the year, we will notify you if this happens.
• Please read all our Policies to familiarise yourself with rules and regulations.
• All staff hold a current and up to date DBS.

• We must be informed before every class if you have an injury.
• If an injury prevents a student from participating, we advise they watch if possible. A lot can be learned from watching lessons.
• If a student is poorly please do not send them. Most definitely not with anything contagious.
• If a student has had sickness and/or diarrhoea, they are not allowed to return to any classes until 48 hours have passed from the last incident.

• Teachers are responsible for students when they are in class only. It is the parents/guardians and carer’s responsibility to ensure their safety when at the venues we hire.
• Please ensure you follow our code of conduct at all times when at each venue.
• SJ Performing Arts Plymouth will not be held liable for any lost property.
• No valuables should be brought to the venue or into class.
• All students must sign in and out.
• No smoking is permitted at any of the venues we hire.

• Please make sure all policies have been read and you have a good understanding of them.
• Any form or policy you have signed means you have constituted an agreement between yourselves and SJ Performing Arts Plymouth.
• It is the parent/guardian and carers’ responsibility to inform us of any changes or updates to personal information, emergency contact details, or medical issues.
• All students must have completed our enrolment form when joining SJ Performing Arts Plymouth.

• Private lessons should be arranged directly with the teacher you wish to hold your lesson.
• Fees are to be paid directly to the teacher, please contact them on details of payment methods they accept.
• Any cancelations made later than 24 hours of the class will require the lesson to be paid in full.
• Venue of lessons will be arranged with your chosen teacher.

• We offer students the chance to participate in trial classes over a two-week period.
• Students can choose as many classes as they would like to try in the two-week period.
• Students must have completed an enrolment form before the trial.
• Trails are at cost and fee’s must be paid for the 2-week block before commencement.

• Exams are optional but encouraged.
• If we feel a student is ready for an examination, we will issue an exam invite with all the relevant information provided.
• Upon receiving this form, please returned completed by the date stated.
• It is compulsory students attend all extra exam rehearsals.
• We do hold the right to withdraw an invite at any time.

• We may need to hold extra rehearsals for productions or events.
• Students are not allowed to enter their own choreography under SJ Performing Arts Plymouth into any festival. All festival work must be choreographed by your teachers.
• You must ask permission to perform any choreography from SJ Performing Arts Plymouth elsewhere.

• If we have to cancel a class we will aim to reschedule. If this is not possible, we will credit your account.
• The rescheduled class may be at a different time or venue.
• If a student misses the rescheduled class no refund or credit will be given.
• We will notify you as quickly as possible through, email, telephone, online, and social media platforms if a lesson is cancelled.
• In cases of extreme weather, classes may need to be cancelled. A decision will be made in the best interest of our students.

• Any complaint must be received in writing or email no later than 7 days after the incident.
• All complaints must be sent to Principals Jodie and Sarah and not to a member of staff.
• All complaints will be dealt with efficiently and appropriately.

• A half term’s notice (5 Weeks) must be given in writing or a full half terms fees will be due.
• We need notice so we are able to allocate to another child that may be on our waiting list.
• Any credit owed on your account must be settled.